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We’re excited about what God is doing and know you’ll be blessed when you give into KFM. In doing so you’ll be plugged into an Apostolic Prophetic Foundation that unlocks realms for ministries and individuals that will transform and release them into divine purpose.

We thank you for aligning with us through your giving. We are blessed that you chose KFM to sow into.

We pray that Father will richly bless you and your family and that supernatural doors will be unlocked for you that have previously been closed.

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October 15 – 18, 2018

International Gathering of Apostles & Prophets

International Gathering of Apostles & Prophets (IGAP) event combines the prophetic and apostolic to give leaders foundational revelation and application on which to build their unique vision. It’s prophetic in that it is always a now and advancing message from God that is often applicable to the Global church, and it’s apostolic in that we can demonstrate structures and strategies that will help leaders implement the message in a practical way. IGAP is open to everyone, but we find that it mostly draws a church leadership crowd. Apostles, Prophets, Pastors and other five-fold leaders return to IGAP yearly, and many of them set their ministry’s vision for the following 12 months based on what is discussed and demonstrated at IGAP.  IGAP is hosted in the United States, but we typically have over 30 nations represented in various areas of leadership, making it a global platform for world-wide prophetic and apostolic impartation. Together, we are building the church on the foundation of apostles and prophets!

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