I had a dream about a week ago about being pulled into an interview for a dream job of a lifetime. I was wondering why I was there and there was a man and his assistant there and another woman. People were trying hard to get this job. There were others waiting to be interviewed. There had to be other spots open for people. The other woman who was interviewing was well qualified, in fact she had been way more groomed than me. We both had things to do. One of which was sing and all we had to do was be willing. At the end, the lady and I were in the room. The lady knew people that worked there so she went to get the inside scoop of who the two men thought was the best candidate. She comes back and says they were looking at me being the one chosen. I was thinking that this was impossible.  I didn’t even know about this job and they wanted me.

Fast forward to last night. I am being called for curtain night to some big stage. It doesn’t look like I think, but there are people on this big stage to help me.  I don’t know any of these people. I keep seeing a father looking man. I knew he put me there and that he has given them the right music . They kept playing the wrong music and I was getting a little frustrated, but the father looking man assured me he had given them the right music. I was having to wait until the right time.

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