I dreamed about being in a weird house with no walls. Pam, Michelle, Melissa and I were there and so was Ryan Lestrange. He was talking on warfare and we walked back to a room with carpet and walls and some old ladies in there. There were 2 of them and the room looked like it had a flea market in it and Ryan found a printer. I saw the name Zeagler on it. Ryan showed us and proved witchcraft was coming from that printer. It actually cut paper in a weird  shape when he spoke to it. We know printers cannot do that. I woke up.

The next dream, us four ladies are in what seems like a park with Pam and I on one side and Michelle and Melissa in front of us. For some odd reason I know Pam and I have gotten into it but Sadie, my dog, had run off. Pam and I went looking for her and I’m sitting on a bench and my phone rings. Pam is already gone and it’s Carmen and she is crying. I feel this big pull to go see here because what she says I don’t want her to feel I hate her. As I’m leaving I see a train coming and I wake up.

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