We (Kelly, Michelle, Alicia-friend from high school, Brooke, Brianna and I)  were riding on a train.  It stopped at a tourist type attraction, everyone got off (there were other people riding the train as well).  We began to look around and go into the buildings.  The girls and I were in the building with lots of furniture/decorations, we had to go to the bathroom. I realized the train had left the station.  I did not hear a whistle blow or the conductor call.

I thought I would call ya’ll or someone to find out what to do. I realize there was no signal to even call.  I was wondering why ya’ll didn’t come get us or call.  I looked at my phone and 4 messages where in my message box but the box had a red line around it.  I knew I could not read the messages. When we came out, the train was gone but another one was pulling up with people getting off to look around.  I thought about walking the track back but decided I had better go ask the conductor. As we walked over towards the conductor,  there were a few little animals, like squirrel sized, 3 of them, we stopped to admirer them and then the dream was over/I woke up.

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